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"Stop" WINS Award.

"Stop" has just been awarded one of the two awards it was nominated for by the 2011 Maverick Movie Awards. The award it was presented with is The Precious. This category is for films which the judges of MMA find to have something noteworthy, remarkable, and unique. Seven short films were nominated for The Precious this year, and out of those, "Stop" was chosen as the winner "for it’s cool ending," according to the judges. "Stop" was also nominated for Best Special Effects among short films.

"Stop" is now also playing on Facebook as part of the fall selection of the 2011 OneCloudFest, which is the first ever festival taking place entirely on Facebook. The more "likes" the film gets, the more chances that it might win some recognition from OneCloudFest.

On top of this, “Stop” is an official selection of the 2011 SNOB (Slightly North of Boston) Film Festival and will be playing there on September 15 and 17. The director, Mikel J. Wisler, will be in attendance at the festival. 


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